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  • "When I take my shirts to Hong Kong Cleaners in East York, I simply expect that they will be washed and pressed properly, and ready when they tell me they will be ready. The price they charge doesn't have to be the lowest in town, in part because they're so close to my houseand therefore convenient. But I expect the price to be competitive. They consistently achieve all those things; plus, they're nice people. I keep coming back. That's everyday excellence."

-Dennis Hetzel - Letter From The Editor, York Daily Record - Sunday, December 15, 2002


  • "We have noticed many cleaners stepping up to the plate with various programs designed to help out and ease th pain of our collective economic dysfunction. One popular program that many have implemented is an offer of free cleaning for "job interview clothes" for the growing numbers who have found themselves among the unemployed. This offer usually garners notice from the local media for the cleaners, and the beneficiaries of the offer become long-time loyal customers when their fortunes are reversed. Others have offered their stores as drop-off points for collection for a local food pantry and, of course there are the long-standing favorites of collecting coats, prom gowns and other such items for charitable causes.

    An interesting variation of these collections popped up recently in York, PA, when Hong Kong Cleaners initiated a clothing swap, inviting the community to bring in garments and receive a voucher which they could exchange for another garment at the swap. This program goes a step beyond helping a good cause, although it did that, too, since leftover garments were donated to the Salvation Army. It also has the effect of reminding consumers that drycleaners can help renew their wardrobes by taking old clothes and making them like-new. And it makes for a fun event that can bring new people to the store - twice."

-Source Unknown