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Hong Kong Cleaners Delivers:

Hong Kong Cleaners proudly introduces Business pick up and delivery. Business pick up and delivery is a service that we provide for businesses that have 3 or more clients interested in dry cleaning delivery. After a long workday, who wants to make a trip to the dry cleaners to pick up the cleaning? Let Hong Kong Cleaners do the dirty work for you.


How it works:
  1. Call us or CLICK HERE for all the necessary paper work to get your account set up.

  2. Gather your dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and shirt laundry together and place the clothing in a plastic bag or a garbage bag. Be sure to include the paperwork for your account.

  3. We will schedule a pick up location at work, either a closet or an unused office cubicle. If there is none available, we can also supply a closet for your company.

  4. We will pick up the clothing, pre-spot all garments and clean them. Upon finishing, the garments are checked for loose threads, buttons and open seams. If any repairs are necessary, we will contact via phone or Email before we perform the work. Garments will be meticulously pressed and re-checked for any spots. After the final inspection, the garments will be covered and bagged.

  5. You will be billed for your cleaning before it is returned. Payment method is Visa, MC, Discover or by check. We can Email you a total before we return your clothing.

  6. Your clothing will be returned to your workplace on the scheduled date and placed in the dry cleaning closet. Along with your clothing, we will include one of our Hong Kong Cleaners bags for your next pick-up.
Our Business pick up and delivery is designed to offer a dry cleaning service without interrupting you and your co-workers.